all photographs ©Dennis Gilbert/VIEW except Cyberia Bangkok ©Somkid Paimpiyachat

  A series of tensioned wires is strung across the void from new balustrade railings to create a security barrier between the lower public visa section and upper private spaces without compromising the openness of the original design of the double height central well. Parallel stainless steel hollow circular sections are supported on the balustrade glazing and take the full pressure of the tensioned wires. The wires are strung across the void, 75mm apart. One end is attached to a phosphor bronze peg on a flange welded to the inner rail; it travels across the void, loops around stainless steel pegs on the opposite rail and back to be secured and tensioned by another phosphor bronze peg. New light fittings reflect off the wires and produce highly visible moiré patterns when viewed from the gallery; from the visa section the wires are almost invisible.