The Body In White group of BMW was looking for a new way of promoting itself to the public and its associates. They needed a multi-media forum in which they could host a crowd between 100 and 200 people at any one time. The site was to be within the plant itself, right in the middle of the production line and the noise of the welding robots. The forum Blauel Architects designed is protected from the all this by a large noise reducing wall. Within this structure a large glowing translucent curtain shapes the forum, while the lef over space forms the entrance lobby. The entrance is a new fully glazed opening in the exterior wall which gives a glance inside.

The glowing screen is made out of strip curtains, a material commonly used within these manufacturing areas. An electrically sliding section of this curtain forms the entrance. The curtains are lit from the top and so creating a glowing translucent skin all around the seating area. The bright coloured seats form a big contrast with the lightness of the skin. When a presentation begins, the light dims and so the skin becomes more transparant, making the visually bigger. After the presentation aseries of light boxes along the walls are turned on, illuminating the space and also guiding the guests to the exit of the forum space.